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Biblical Principle Approach

Biblical Principle Approach


What exactly is the Biblical Principle Approach?

  • It is a method of Biblical reasoning that places the Word of God at the center of every subject.
  • It is a governmental way of thinking: that is, who or what is controlling, directing, regulating or restraining?
  • It is a lifestyle of scholarship and Christian character.
  • It enables the student to discover and apply the Biblical principles unique to each subject.
  • It is a Biblical method of education, similar in execution to the Hebrew model.
  • It develops young men and women who are able to reason independently from God’s Word.
  • It is distinctive in its commitment to American Christian education.
  • It  inspires the teacher to become a “living textbook”
  • It places responsibility for learning on the student through notebooks.
  • It celebrates and nurtures each person’s individuality and intrinsic worth.
  • It highlights His Story, a recognition of Providential history.

The following excerpt is taken from The Foundation for American Christian Education.

Following is a list of books, seminars and curricula you can use to implement the Principle Approach in your school or homeschool.

  • The Noah Plan®, the complete educational program for teaching and learning The Principle Approach. (Begin with The Self-Directed Study.)
  • Training through FACE’s Foundations or Applications course.
  • The Noah Plan Academy Teacher Training on DVD
  • Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach, Rosalie J. Slater
  • The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America Vol I: Christian Self-Government, Verna M. Hall
  • The Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

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