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Once you are familiar with the differing philosophies that the homeschool world has to offer, you may find yourself wanting to hear what the seasoned homeschoolers have already figured out about certain philosophies.  You also may want to browse their articles and reviews to help you along your journey.  It’s always nice to hear what other like-minded homeschooling moms have to say and what they may already have enountered in their home school. 

readingBrenda, Classically Ecclective

My goal has been to simplify a classical education by teaching a few subjects to mastery and the remaining to exposure.  The key to my successful homeschool has been keeping my children’s hearts knitted to mine by remaining my children’s closest mentor and realizing that a carefully well-thought out lesson plan is just something to do in the in-between times while learning virtue, truth, goodness, beauty and wisdom. I’ve homeschooled since my first son’s birth, as my husband and I have always  believed that homeschooling is a lifestyle choice.  I did a lot of research that lead me to educating classically.  I was heavily inspired by The Well Trained Mind.  I have made a classical education work for our family for the past 8 years and I believe it will serve us well into the future.  Seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom is the basic purpose of a classical education.  This can be done by nourishing the soul through the seven liberal arts.  I have discovered that many philosophies overlap and that a classical education teaches the mind but to reach my children’s body and souls, I have had to venture beyond the classical realm.  Doing the things that require us to spend quality time together like nature studies and conversations that stem from reading and narrating “living books” have leant their hands to nurturing their body and souls. But, the backbone to our homeschool is classical and everything else fills in the gaps.  My reviews to curriculum will reflect my take on how well things line up with a classical education, with a little dash of flavor. I am the founder of Our Lifestyle of Learning, an online homeschool community and I write frequently at my personal blog, The Tie That Binds Us.

Kristen, Well Trained Classical Mom

I am the wife of a dedicated, hard-working husband and the mother to four creative, crazy, and amazingly different children. Our homeschooling journey began before we even had children. My husband and I attended public schools throughout our entire educational careers. Though we were both very successful in the public school setting, we realized early in our marriage that we had actually learned very little in our years at school.  Much of our knowledge had been gained through independent reading and study. We also began to understand that it is impossible to have a neutral education. We saw that worldview is central to interpreting the data that our minds are constantly receiving, and that often we can be subtly deceived into accepting ideas that are contrary to our beliefs. As Christians, we wanted our children to have a solid understanding of their faith before having their beliefs tested. Before our oldest son was four years old, we had already begun our research on homeschooling. When we read The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise, we realized that this was what we were looking for. This was the education that we both were missing. A classical education is a way to impart both knowledge and the ability to interpret that knowledge.  Over the years, we’ve modified and adapted many of the methods described in The Well-Trained Mind to better suit our own family, but we’re still seeking to follow the basic pattern laid out in the book. I am a curriculum junkie and I love to research and write about homeschool curriculum. Some of my other loves are office supplies, organizing, frugal living, and reading. My homeschooling blog isA Day in the Life and I’m also developing a series of web pages on homeschool methods and curriculum at As a family, we enjoy playing games, hiking, visiting museums, and exploring our state.  

No twaddle allowed here!


world_view_b3Korey, Charlotte Mason Devotee

Our homeschooling journey has been an incredible blessing to my family. We began homeschooling when one of our sons was having a difficult time in school. After much prayer my husband and I decided to venture out onto this thing called “homeschooling”. Before we officially started I devoured countless books on how to homeschool. In a short amount of time I discovered new terms such as “living books”, “nature studies”, “copy-work”, and so many more. In my quest to gain this new knowledge to homeschool I learned about a British educator who lived from the late 1800s to the early 1900s named Charlotte Mason. Her methods of educating children were profound and are now impacting many homeschool families today. After my first year of homeschooling I felt a little lost and knew I needed direction. My heart was once again drawn to the “Charlotte Mason” philosophy. This way of teaching seemed to make so much sense to me. I quickly started implementing these “Charlotte Mason” ideas with my children. In a short amount of time I noticed a change in my children’s attitude toward school. It was fun again! I finally found how to ignite the love of learning into my children! Our homeschooling has changed much since we started. It is now a time we enjoy together as we learn. Our homeschooling is a time not only to educate our children but it is also a to instill values, to work on issues of the heart, and to help them in their path to know Christ as their savior and Lord. These are things that only a parent can do!
I continue to use many of the “Charlotte Mason” ideas in our homeschooling. I also implement some classical education philosophies. I also use some text books with my children. I guess I’m like a favorite recipe with lots of good seasonings. Instead I would say I’m a lot like Charlotte Mason with lots of good stuff mixed in!
Homeschooling has now become a lifestyle for our family.. We have now been homeschooling a few years and plan to homeschool all the way through, Lord willing.
I am still learning how to be the best homeschool mom that God has designed me to be. It is a journey with so many blessings along the way!

Jimmie, Mother Cultured Mom


Barb, Homeschooling Highschoolers Charlotte Mason Style


Biblical Principles Come First


Anna-Marie, Biblical Principle Approach Mom

I am a home educating mom of four. We spend our days learning about God through different subjects and activities. Our Biblical Principle Approach to life and learning affects our way of moving in the world. We treasure God’s creation and we love to pray and find ways to help those in need around us. I call it “The Biblical Principle Approach to life and learning.” I have always homeschooled and plan to do so until the last chick is out of the nest. We have used the Biblical Principle Approach since kindergarten and love it. I can’t imagine using anything else when we discover the principles of the subjects and how they originated in God and His word. It’s never dull when you get into the Word of God. My husband is kind and supportive. I love him very much. He accepts me and always loves me. It’s nice to have a partner in life that always believes in you and believes the best of you. I am also an artist. Handmade books and artist books are my products. Art is my outlet, my therapy. I wish I had more time for art, but who would teach my kids about God? What matters to me? Family, faith, friends…and Diet Coke with vanilla and lots of ice.

Reane, Life Nurturing Education


Delightfully Ecclectic and Directed


Kari, Delight-directed/Relaxed

My name is Kari and some know me as “Momma Snail” at The Snail’s Trail. I have been homeschooling my children for just a short time…they are 4.5 and almost 3 years old. I am a former school teacher and am currently working on my Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education. I plan to work on the research in homeschool education. I decided to homeschool my children because the schools do not use the methods and philosophies that I believe in. I guess that you could call us “unschoolers” because we are unlike public/private schools. Trying to put a label on what we do has been difficult. To some (those not familiar with it), unschooling means not-schooling. If I said we were “relaxed” homeschoolers, some might think we are lazy. There is a name for “what I am” but it isn’t really known in the homeschooling community. I am a constructivist and believe in constructionism. I am a follower of Seymour Papert and Jean Piaget. My children do project based and inquiry based learning because I believe that my children learn by pure discovery and that they construct their own knowledge.  

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If you would like to write reviews for The Curriculum Choice, please contact Brenda at:  brensain(at)gmail(dot)com.  We are open to accepting guest reviewers and occasionally will have an opening for a full-time reviewer.  We’re a fun bunch of ladies!  If you have a passion for writing about your experiences then don’t hesitate in contacting me.  Our mission is to reach out to the homeschool moms who are looking for honest reviews that will  help them make the right curriculum choice for their family.  Our reviews are written from experience with the curriculum as we teach our own children.

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